Southern Charm Catering, Inc.
"For All Your Special Occasions"
Hello Ladies,

  I hope all is well with you. First of all I wanted to say thank you. The
wedding was more wonderful then I could have imagined. Everything was
perfect or even better. The flowers and decorations were beautiful.
The food looked, smelled and tasted amazing. The decorations inside
and out were better then anything I've seen in any magazine or online.
You ladies really out did yourselves. I finally got pictures back, in
case you might need any. You were great to work with, and I miss you
both. If anyone needs anything from food and cakes to flower and
decor; I am giving them your names and numbers. You ladies are
amazing. Thanks for making a Happy Occasion even more special.

                                                                            Thanks for everything.

                                                                                Kristen Everidge
Southern Charm Catering Inc.
Fort Valley, Georgia 31030
Hello Beautiful Ladies!

    I cannot say enough about both catering experiences we have had with you
two!  You guys are amazing!  Not only is the consultation friendly and
comfortable but the follow up and constant contact was great & very
informative.  The presentation at both mine and my brother's weddings was
just wonderful, from the chicken salad, to the chocolate fountains, to the
display of the cakes it was just breath taking and I can never thank you enough
for making not one but two days forever special in our minds!  You and your
staff are truly gifted and wonderful people and I am glad to have formed a long
standing relationship with Southern Charm Catering Inc.!  I will be sure to
recommend you in the future!  Thank you again and best of luck in all that
you do!

                                                                               Thank You

                                                                              Adrien Wheeler
Hello Ladies,

       I would like to just thank each of you for making Emily's day special !!!
From the Church decorations to the reception, everything was beautiful !!! You
all were such a joy to work with !!! It felt so good when people asked if we were
nervous about the wedding and I could quote ,No because I know we are in
good hands with Southern Charm Catering and the ladies who work so hard to
make sure things are perfect !!!

                                                                                 Thank You
                                                                                Connie Moore
Good Afternoon Ladies,

         I want to thank you so much Danis and Katherine for being my caterer.
You guys truly went above and beyond my expectations. The food was awesome.
Everyone tells us how great the food was. I wish I had actually sat down and ate.
Danis please don't say you told me so, and you made me a plate :). I truly didn't
think I would be so stressed out. I must have been dreaming. Danis you really
took control and helped me bring my vision to reality. All of the staff was
very friendly and helped so much. Thank you for bringing fruit and veggies,
something I wanted to have. Just the smallest stuff helped and meant So
much to me.

                                                                              Thank You :)

                                                                              Mr. &  Mrs. Collum